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Data Analysis

  • Pulse: 74 bpm, indicating mild excitement.

  • Eye Pressure: 21 mmHg, reflecting steady concentration.

  • Finger Pressure: 2.6 Newtons, showing relaxed connection.

  • Brainwaves: Alpha (10 Hz), Beta (20 Hz), and Gamma (40 Hz) waves highlighting focused attention.

  • Facial Expressions: Micro-expressions indicating contemplation and curiosity (based on Paul Ekman's 10,000 FACS data points).

  • Skin Conductivity: Increased by 4 microsiemens, showing moderate excitement.

  • Hand Tremor Frequency: 5 Hz, indicating slight nervousness.

  • Magnetic Impulses: 0.05 Gauss change, hinting at subtle emotional responses.


Card Insight:\[ \left| \frac{(10 \times 20)}{40} \times 74 \right| + \left| \sqrt{21^2 + 0.5} \times \frac{(2.6 + 5)}{\Delta (5 + 0.05)} \right| \] Show more...

The Thought Insight value is approximately 1120.


From this detailed analysis, the playing card 7 of Hearts emerged, symbolizing love, intuition, and inner strength. If you are thinking of the 7 of Hearts, it often represents a deep emotional connection and a need for reflection.


The data of your thoughts shows a high probability of recent caffeine consumption and lack of sleep. Utilizing insights from Paul Ekman's 10,000 FACS (Facial Action Coding System) data points, we delved deep into your subconscious. Also, you’ve been considering taking more time for self-care but haven’t yet implemented it. –Side note, your poker face is excellent!

AIdevX451 - Beta Version ©

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