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Rufus Wiena -
Polymath & Polyglot

As I evolved to become a polymath & polyglot, I’m now an athlete, performer, and instructor who loves to inspire, motivate and teach people worldwide personal development and growth for both professional and personal use. –"Love to learn" & "Teach like you live" are some of my mottos!

Quick BIO

–Who am I? I often find myself asking. Not because I've lost my identity but because it's simply so layered, so multi-faceted that summing it up in a few sentences feels like an injustice. I am many things: a polymath, an athlete, a performer, a speaker, an educator, a coach, an adventurer, and much more. Every morning, I spring from my bed with a grin and a purpose: to enjoy this wild ride we call life, to strive for balance, and to cultivate a healthy mind within my fit body.

Born under the pristine skies of Gothenburg, Sweden in 1991, my childhood was painted with vivid hues of friendship, adventure, and sportsmanship. Growing up in the countryside, my little brother was my closest comrade, and my parents, Finnish-born, instilled in us a love for nature, resilience, and compassion.

While I battled my demon-teachers in school, I found solace in sports. The smell of fresh earth, the exhilarating rush of wind past my ears, and the victory cheers – running, orienteering, and football became my sanctuary. In 2009, I surprised myself and everyone else by becoming the Swedish Junior Champion in Card Magic. Life, it seemed, was shuffling a whole new deck for me. It was thanks to the magicians Felix Cabrera and Lennart Green real magic happened.

2009 also marked my voyage to the land of flamenco and fiestas – Spain. What was supposed to be a two-month language-learning trip stretched to a five-year saga of cultural immersion, friendship, and magic. Here, I communed with gypsies and "canis", conjured tricks in the interlude of flamenco shows, and battled the 'bad boys' of futsal, the aroma of their joints filling the air. It wasn't always smooth sailing though. There were failed TV appearances and fruitless stardom attempts, but those are all part of the gig, aren't they?

Next, I ventured to the East. The allure of Asia and the promise of a big break in Chinese TV lured me in. Alas, it wasn't to be, but failure, I believe, is but a stepping stone. Undeterred, I found myself dabbling in merchandising, my wares spanning ceramics, leather bags, wine, and cast iron.

From 2015 to 2020, the world became my playground. My art and thirst for adventure took me across continents. Concurrently, I wrapped up my brain optimisation programs which skyrocketed my career as a speaker, a business coach, and a consultant for the Governments of the US, Mexico, and Monaco. There were a few hiccups along the way, of course. Once, I narrowly escaped being kidnapped by a woman in Mexico. But for every shadow, there was a ray of sunshine, like that one time I bumped into my idol Ronaldinho and played Futevolei with him on a Barcelona beach.

In 2020, I took off to Brazil to participate in an International Futevolei Tournament, only to find it cancelled. But, oh what a blessing in disguise that turned out to be! Brazil swept me off my feet with its vibrant culture, mesmerizing nature, the contagious energy of its people, and its delicious coco gelado! Dancing, barbecuing, surfing, and playing futevolei, I was living the dream.

Today, I find myself back in Europe, surrounded by friends and family, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of my adventure. Home, to me, isn't confined within four walls; it's the whispers of the wind, the rustling leaves, the symphony of waves crashing against the shore. My routine is the lack of one; my life, a jazz piece improvised on the go. A self-taught man, my TV has gathered dust for over a decade. I am not the best liar, dancer, or singer, but I revel in the beauty and complexity of these arts.


As I look back at my journey, I can't help but grin. I wouldn't have it any other way. I am where I'm meant to be, and I'm eager to continue living my dreams, inspiring others, and, of course, making my way back to my beloved Andalusia and Brazil. I am Rufus Wiena, and I trust in the magic of the Universe to handle the rest.

My family, friends and people who always support me, and who still continue to shape my journey.


I'm glad I did not experience: too young, too much, too fast, too soon, neither the downside of social media by avoiding it almost completely for over a decade. That has definitely shaped who I'm today...

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