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Ronaldinho, Former Brazilian Professional Football Player

“Esse “sueco de shark attack”, Rufus, é uma boa pessoa e sabe muito bem como curtir e brincar com o futevôlei”

Athlete Training

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As a former Swedish Cross Country athlete from Sweden, Rufus draws upon his mastery of mental and physical strength, discipline, and stamina in the most challenging and demanding situations; he can boost your soccer teams, surfers, runners, coaches and more, to take their performance to the next level. Rufus continually works to uplevel himself and what he can offer others through his high-performance athlete trainings, ensuring his work is on par with the world’s leading experts in the field of sports psychology, nutrition, physical and mental activities, etcetera. Through his high-performance training programs, Rufus himself, in just 3 years of training, also succeeded to qualify as a professional Futevôlei athlete to represent Sweden in the International Futevôlei Tournament of Brazil, Mundialito 2020.

Become a more effective and inspirational athlete or coach with the right tools and strategies so as to create a long-lasting positive change for you. Create the highest level of sustained performance through this athlete trainings which will give you the tools to increase your effectiveness in all different aspects.

Extreme Cold Exposure

Exposing your body regularly to extreme cold temperatures in the right, and safe way, will have a huge amount of health benefits and make you become unearthly strong. Not only mentally but also physically and spiritually. If you live in a warm country try cold showers (if possible).

Breathing Techniques

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable is one of the fastest and most powerful way to impact your body, mind and soul. There are few things that are more uncomfortable than the convulsions that starts to kick in when you hold you breath, and understanding how you can use deep breathing techniques and Apena will have a huge impact on your work of training.

Free Dive
Sauna with View


Step into the world of revitalising wellness with our sauna training, specially curated for the dedicated athlete in you. Seamlessly incorporate sauna sessions into your workout routine and prepare to be amazed as your growth hormone production skyrockets, sometimes even up to a staggering factor of 16! 

But the benefits don't stop there. Experience a holistic health upgrade - from enhanced muscle recovery, improved cardiovascular performance, to boosted immune function. Our saunas help eliminate toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every session.

More than just a physical tune-up, our saunas also serve as a sanctuary for your mind. Dissolve stress, enhance mood, and promote mental clarity, empowering you to face challenges head-on.


Intrigued? With our sauna experience, you're not just training better, you're living better. Discover the transformative power of heat today. Embark on this journey to peak fitness and superior mental wellbeing. Let the sauna revolution begin!


Harness the transformative power of visualisation, an essential tool for athletes striving for peak performance. Visualisation isn't just seeing—it's mentally rehearsing victories and strategies, fostering confidence and resilience.

Enter the RW Methodology, a revolutionary approach that enhances visualisation, ensuring it's not just vivid but as authentic as reality. It immerses your senses in your imagined success, building a deep connection between mind and body, and fortifying the neural pathways linked to your sports skills.


With the RW Methodology, you're not just envisioning your triumphs—you're living them. Manifest your athletic prowess, one visualisation at a time. Welcome to the future of your success.

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