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"love Rufus' work on the importance of personal development which is fundamental for any business success. We can see the strong impact Rufus' business training program had on all our teams worldwide after our gathering here at the headquarter in London."

Dev Subrata, Founder & CEO at Fidel API


Custom Business Growth

Training, Lecture, Workshop, Seminar, Webinar, Teambuilding, Coaching, One-on-One, Full Program

It is easy to create custom business growth with Rufus Wiena. Whatever your aspirations and needs may be, we can develop fully customised plans for you that matches your challenges and visions for your organisation. We have worked with over 50+ industries in over 30+ countries and are always looking for new challenges.

The process is very simple and Rufus’ main goal is always to be able to full-fill your desired results and leave you with the right tools in order to accomplish a long-lasting change of positive business impact. Let’s schedule a meeting and talk more!

Connecting Dots

Business trainings

Introducing Rufus Wiena
Transforming Teams through Personal Development and Growth

Rufus Wiena is a renowned expert in personal development and growth, specialising in both personal and professional contexts. With a unique background as a polymath, polyglot, athlete, and performer, Rufus has honed his skills to inspire, motivate, and teach people worldwide. His approach combines an interactive, efficient, and enthusiastic environment, ensuring that participants achieve powerful and long-lasting results.

The RW Methodology:
A Comprehensive Approach to Personal and Professional Growth

At the heart of Rufus' success is the RW Methodology, which consists of three pillars: mental training, meta learning, and brain hacking. This innovative approach allows Rufus to offer customisable programs for companies and organisations across various sectors, including business, healthcare, sports, education, and government. Regardless of the industry, the RW Methodology is designed to improve communication, creativity, stamina, and productivity, ultimately leading to enhanced results and overall team performance.

A Decade of Experience with Global Impact

With over a decade of experience working in over 50 industries and 30 countries, Rufus Wiena boasts an impressive track record and an extensive list of global references. Some of his most notable work includes high-performance coaching for the US government, consulting as a political campaign designer for Mexico's government, and serving as a human behavior expert for Monaco's government. Rufus' unique personality, work experience, and knowledge have attracted clients from all walks of life, leaving a lasting impact worldwide.

Tailored Programs for Your Organisation

Understanding that each organisation has its unique challenges, Rufus Wiena offers fully customised plans to match your specific needs and vision. Whether you're looking to improve leadership, sales, recruitment, patient safety, or athletic performance, Rufus' expert-led trainings are perfectly adapted to quickly, safely, and efficiently bring about the desired change. By leveraging the power of the RW Methodology and Rufus' extensive experience, your team will benefit from an unforgettable and transformative experience.


In summary, Rufus Wiena is a one-of-a-kind instructor in personal development and growth, specialising in tailored programs that create lasting change in organisations across various industries. Through his RW Methodology and a decade of experience, Rufus offers a comprehensive, science-backed approach that yields powerful results. Invest in your team's success by partnering with Rufus Wiena and witness the transformative impact on your organisation.


Vision & Action Plan

Paint a clear picture of what you want to achieve as an organisation. Create a detailed action plan and put the right prioritised pieces into work

Active Man

RW Methodology

Make your business a future success, make your team into a high-performance team, apply the RW Methodology in the adequate areas of your choice 

Petri Dish

Work & Analyse

Create the drive for long-lasting positive change of business impact for your organisation. You are now sailing your ship towards the horizon of success, but always making sure  to navigate carefully by the stars.

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Discover the secret to exceptional leadership that has captivated the attention of top business professionals. Elevate your leadership skills with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in any organisation.

Unlock the qualities of a great leader by mastering social and emotional intelligence, deep communication, and negotiation skills. Learn the art of motivation, inspiration, and authority to create lasting relationships with your team. Dive into the strategies of elite-performance athletes and understand their approach to achieving goals and outstanding results.

Overcome challenges and steer your organisation confidently with determination and efficiency. Transform yourself into an effective and inspirational leader, creating a powerful impact on your business, team, and clients.

Join our high-performance leadership program and experience a profound, long-lasting change in your leadership style. Empower yourself and your team with the tools to achieve the highest level of sustained performance, driving success for your organisation.

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Elevate your impact with Neuro-Sales, the ultimate skill set for presenting the best version of yourself and achieving life-changing results. Hone this essential "survival skill" and stand out in today's competitive world.

Transform your communication and persuasion abilities through genuine connections, mastering verbal and non-verbal techniques, and intelligent question-guiding strategies. Neuro-Sales will empower you to create lasting impressions, positively influence any situation, and capture the attention of those around you.

Remember names, personal details, and key information from meetings with ease, as you learn the art of "Meta Learning." Enhance your personal and professional image, and become the exceptional salesperson or organisation that everyone desires.

Build confidence and take control of your conversations with Neuro-Sales' focus on steering and commanding discussions. Designed to ensure you leave every encounter with a powerful impact, mastering Rufus' techniques will enable you to communicate in a profoundly meticulous manner, leaving others in awe of your seemingly "unearthly" abilities.

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